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Organic Oolong Teas

Oolong teas are partially oxidized. This process creates a flavor between green teas (not oxidized) and black teas (fully oxidized). Oolong enthusiasts appreciate the lingering, mellow flavor.
Oolong [cho-919115.jpg]


Savor the delicious complexity of this sophisticated oolong. After plucking, the leaves are lightly bruised and briefly oxidized to create a tea with a balance and harmony all its own. A gentle earthiness with hints of smoke, a lingering finish and a delightful aroma make this a remarkably enticing and enriching cup. More Info >>
1 box (16 tea bags)

6-pack (6 x 16 tea bags)

$4.59 per box - SAVE $2.40!
100% Organic USDA Organic Non GMO Verified Wind Power Kosher Gluten Free